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Me Shoot Pretty One Day

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After sifting through countless blogs, forums, comparisons, I’m still having difficulty deciding on a new dSLR for video. 5D people tell me to get a 7D (or a 5D if I can afford it and am willing to tolerate frustrating focus issues), the 7D people say they regret not getting a 5D, the 60D people love their flip screens and audio capabilities, while the Nikonians try to sell me on color, ergonomics, button layout, lens compatibility, user-friendly menus…the list goes on.

There seems to be an endless war waging between the two manufacturers – Canon vs. Nikon, that is. Although, most of my film school and multimedia classmates have opted to go with Canon, even they can’t seem to agree on the ideal camera for a producer looking to do a lot more shooting. Granted, shooting isn’t my livelihood. I’m only getting this camera to learn and shoot small, personal and perhaps fun, freelance projects, as well as take it with me on travels. I’m constantly inspired by videos I watch (God, I love this one), but again, these were all shot using different cameras…

So what’s a girl to do? Put my foot down, and just order the damn thing already…

My instinct tells me to go with the 7D (considering all of the input I’ve ingested), but then, what if the Mark III is released with all of the gripes fixed, and I’m stuck with a runner-up camera body? Ugh, the decisions.



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