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We’re supposed to see non-stop rain this weekend, which gave me the perfect excuse to pass on my friend’s pre-Union Street Festival house party and stay in pajamas this afternoon watching movies that have been added to my growing list.

I first came across the trailer for The Recess Ends earlier this week when an acquaintance from ad agency Mekanism, Evan Romano, tweeted about production team The WereHaus, comprised of two soCal brothers (Austin and Brian Chu) transplanted in SF, who completed TRE back in 2010. Yesterday, I headed to their downtown HQ to drop by, say hello, and meet the crew (after having written Austin the day before to make sure he was free, of course). Although SF State alum Brian was out, the rest of the guys were around and awesome. Super chill, friendly – they’re like your next door neighbors, only ridiculously creative. Austin is quite the character with what seemed like various wheels spinning in his head – constantly throwing out ideas and hilarious musings and feeling out who might catch (or match) them. I wouldn’t mind crashing a brainstorm/storyboard session with these guys any day – I’m sure by now they’ve nailed getting things done and having a ball doing so.

After chopping it up for a few hours about their current projects, how they’ve made their passion work and pay for their existence, discovering a mutual interest in solid breakfast burritos, and complaining about the lack thereof in the city, Austin sent me home with a free DVD of TRE, a warm hug, and an invite to The Werehaus designer’s birthday celebration that night. Like I said, awesome dudes who are going to go far.

So, a little bit about the film – TRE is a collection of voices (young and old), as well as images of deconstructed spaces, foreclosed homes, abandoned schoolhouses, from across the nation, supported by head-bobbing beats that move scenes along and serve as seamless transitions throughout the film. Starting in January of 2009, the Chu brothers went on an epic road trip through all 50 states to find ordinary people who had something to say about the recession. I won’t say any more. The film is really worth checking out (as is the music), and you can get it here –

Written by winniewongsf

June 4, 2011 at 5:08 pm

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