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Creators or Curators?

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There is a fine line between researching or trying to get inspired by looking at or watching other people’s stuff and dickin’ around online. I’ve crossed that line, almost daily it seems.

For the last several months, at 12:26pm on a typical weekday, I’d sit un-showered, hair a fright, eye boogers intact, and still in my PJ’s. Anything wrong with this picture? I’m slightly comforted by the fact that this scene is not uncommon in San Francisco, where many make their living parked in front of their laptops in living rooms, sunny WIFI cafes, simultaneously people-watching and “working.”

Although I pulled off good grades in my three classes this past semester (keep in mind that, in grad school, unless you’re trying to grab some scholarships or have plans to go for a PhD, grades don’t really mean much), I cringe when recalling the many mornings spent in front of my laptop clicking interesting tweets and skimming through loads of junk mail in my inbox. Even when I faced a deadline in which I needed to turn in a video over the course of just a few hours, I found myself engrossed in a 10-page article about the emotional response of lobsters and watching Tina Fey’s conversation with Eric Schmidt during her last visit to Google.

We absorb so much information throughout the course of a day, I often wonder whether we’re spending enough time creating original, thoughtful content. Are we mainly contributing to our networks by “sharing” other people’s works and finds, or are we producing something worth looking at, watching, reading, or listening to?

I’m hoping to have a very productive summer, but I might just need to hit the power button on my Mac in order to do so.


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May 30, 2011 at 10:34 pm

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