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“There Are Some People Who Don’t Wait…” – an ode to ‘just going’

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Last night, I was pleasantly surprised by a call from a friend who is temporarily living in DC and freelancing as a photojournalist. I think he called to make it a point that he reaches out to me not only during flurries of texts sent while under the influence, but also when he’s contemplative, introspective, or senses (from a distance) that I’m in need of some guidance or just a good, solid, hearty talk. Maybe it’s his way of doing community service. Nonetheless, I’m always thrilled to hear from him.

What he wanted to tell me was to read UC Berkeley’s J-School commencement address given by NPR Radiolab’s Robert Krulwich last Friday. I was actually invited to go with Ling Woo Liu, the director whom I interned under at the Korematsu Institute last year, but was not able to attend due to prior engagements. I’m disappointed to have missed it, but reassured that someone was looking out for me (as he usually does) and felt this address would serve as some much needed inspiration.

In his questionably buzzed state, he forgot to send me the actual text. I looked it up this morning. Thank God for Google.

*I have to warn you – it’s a long read. But, the last few long reads I’ve gone through (especially this one), I feel were completely worth the time.

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