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Every Tuesday night, I hand over to my Media Writing instructor two typed pages summarizing what I’ve listened to and watched since the last class. While I can’t say that I’ve enjoyed these exercises (stemmed from the fact that I force myself to listen to these podcasts, stories, and accounts twice – first to process the information or message and second to jot down notes), it’s admittedly good practice in terms of analyzing what makes an interview effective and entertaining and what doesn’t work. Of course, I normally wait until the day before class to complete these media diaries.

This morning over a bowl of apple cinnamon oatmeal – you’d be eating this too if you realized you’re going to be bikini-bound for three days next month as part of a bachelorette extravaganza in Mexico – I came upon a tweet that mentioned The Perils of Procrastination. More than ever before, I’ve been feeling sharp pangs of guilt for succumbing to the evil that is the art of procrastination. Actually, I’ve mastered it this semester (maybe because it’s spring?) and feel that I deserve a secondary degree in this field. So, of course, instead of poking around the web for stories worth listening to and watching, I clicked the link that took me to the podcast list for Dan Ariely’s Arming the Donkey. <insert choir music and ray of light through stained glass>

I’ve struck Podcast GOLD. Ariely is a James B. Duke Professor of Behavioral Economics at Duke University and offers his podcasts for free on iTunes. These podcasts are casual conversations (usually over a lunch of sushi or happy hour drink) with researchers on studies that range from procrastination to overconfidence to HIV to dating and beyond. The beauty of these conversations lies in the fact that the findings are expressed in plain language, as opposed to scientific mumbo jumbo that can be dry and leave you quite bored. Ariely also has a knack for playing dumb and asking the right questions, along with possessing an interesting accent (which I find always helps to keep someone amused when listening to podcasts, voice overs, or audio clips). There are a total of 79 that you can download, again, for FREE. This guy basically has one of my dream jobs. Now go, spice up your playlist.


Written by winniewongsf

April 25, 2011 at 7:30 pm

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