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Ok, three posts in one night.  Winnie, get a life please!?

(At least I’m working on Fred Korematsu sound bytes for my KI director, Ling.  If Arnold “Yes, we’re on a first name basis” signs the Korematsu Day bill over the weekend, we’ll need to have something to release to the press, if requested. So there.)

Today was the first day of the rest of my life.  No, actually, it was the first day of classes at Academy of Art.  Attending an art school is going to be a divergence for me.  I can already tell.  Female students mostly dressed in lacy, spandex-y, American Apparel dance wear.  Male students in pants hanging under the cheeks of their butts or jeans that looked like they would prevent them from ever producing offspring.  I’ve never attended a school where so much skin was blatantly revealed.   Well, actually, I take that back.  Santa Barbara saw its fair share of daisy dukes and tanned shoulders, so maybe AAU isn’t much of a stretch.  But still, I was surprised.  It was like being in a Flash Dance music video heading downtown to class in the school shuttle which I will now ride to go EVERYWHERE in the city.  Take that MUNI!

Most Overdressed Student at AAU…that’s right, this chick here. (Yup, I went there with the phone-cam-in-front-of-mirror pose.  Ugh.)

My Thursday class is MPT 625: Editing Concepts.  Similar to the Final Cut Pro class at BDFI, but I’m expecting it to be more in-depth and covering a wider range of tools/uses/effects.  My instructor seems like a lady who will not take bullshit from anyone.  Wish there was a Like button for that!  Very Irish, very headstrong, respectable, knows her shit.  I’m excited to find out what her teaching style will be.

On another note, it feels odd to be part of a student body again.  One where I will have access to a gym, a swimming pool, student health insurance (!?)…at least this time around, no cafeteria food.  Not that the food at DLG was inedible or anything.  Look what it did for Jack Johnson…

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September 2, 2010 at 10:47 pm

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