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Almost September

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I had about a week to edit the Sunday footage from two weeks ago into a 3-5 minute trailer.  Having worked on other students’ sets for two days and attended the two-day Outside Lands right before our final week of BDFI, it was, needless to say, a hectic time.  I may have alienated a friend or two due to lack of sleep resulting in mood swings, explosions of outrage, and other outward symptoms of anxiety usually expressed by women during their premenstrual week.

I stayed up all night that Monday in one of the editing suites at the Saul Zaentz Media Center (where BDFI is located) and submitted my trailer at 4:30am that Tuesday morning.  (It was strange being around other students at that time in the morning, gave me flashbacks of falling asleep on a pile of books in the RBR at UCSB’s main library during undergrad days.)  I should have first sent Mark what I was planning to submit prior to dropping it off, since he gave me very specific feedback the next day before the screening.  I practically begged the director at BDFI to let me submit my revised work on Wednesday morning, which he did.  The original cut had noticeable sound issues, needed color correction, and was missing a few sound bytes that would’ve helped communicate Fernando’s plight to the audience.  Was a lot more satisfied with the final submission after having made the fixes.

The screening and BDFI graduation for 4th semester students was held last Wednesday night on the 3rd Fl of our building, where the Alan Splet Theater is located.  All of the full-time day students, as well as night students attended, and some brought guests.  It was good to see people outside of our normal environment.  Usually, the students are running around the 2nd floor halls trying to source equipment, look for open editing suites, carrying take-out boxes of food, ready to pull all-nighters in order to meet project deadlines.  That night, people actually looked like they had lives outside of the school.  Imagine that.

I was impressed with some of the plots in the shorts that were screened.  Two to note were Messiah by the very charming (and handsome) Yossi Amit and Dr. Grass by NYU acting alum Ari Segal.  Original concepts with very creative writing – I could see potential steaming from the screen.  Wish them well on developing these into feature lengths.

My own trailer screened earlier on in the evening, as I gripped the armrests at my sides.  Something about the critical eyes of film students puts me at unease. I wanted to crawl into my peers’ heads and know exactly what they thought after watching the 4 minute work-in-progress clip.  It seemed to receive a warm applause, so at least that’s a good sign (or just a sign of respect).  During a later intermission, a few students and their guests did make positive comments to me about the clip and mentioned wanting to see more.  Guess that was the goal.

There is a week and a half before the masters program at AAU begins.  I’ll be working a few nights at Yoshi’s this week and actually enjoying some free time (outside of the internship and meetings for Fighting Sail, a TV doc series I’m involved in) before Fernando gets back from Boston on the 30th.  Once he’s back, we plan to do a few shoots at the SF AIDS Foundation and Project Open Hand.  I’ll need to look for people to help crew for those shoots (not to mention equipment), so it’s sort of starting from square one all over again.  At least I feel like I know what I’m doing now and know where to start.  It’s a good feeling.

Here’s the work-in-progress trailer:

Enjoy, and feel free to comment!


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August 23, 2010 at 3:33 pm

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