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Death becomes him

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Tonight was going to be a night of celebration.  Celebrating a Father’s day gift.  Celebrating the end of my intensive night program at BDFI.  Celebrating the fact that it was actually a warm summer day in the Bay area.

My parents and I drove down to Saratoga to attend a Swell Season concert at the Mountain Winery.  I had never seen the group perform and really wanted to share the experience with my parents who don’t usually go to concerts in the States.  An unknown band opened for them and played for the first hour.  Glen and Marketa finally came on a little before nine.  After performing for about an hour, Glen was getting the audience more involved and having us sing along to this tune they’d made up.  Without warning, a large dark object fell onto the front of the stage with a thud.  My mom and I jumped and thought a light fixture had fallen from the above railing, almost nailing Glen.  It took a few seconds to register that it had actually been a body that had fallen.  We suspected he was part of the lighting crew and was trying to adjust the lights up above.  Glen immediately reacted by putting his guitar down and rushing to the body before stepping away and putting his hands on top of his head looking absolutely horrified.  Several people from the audience, we discovered later were doctors and nurses, rushed to the body and tried to resuscitate him.  They tried this for over 30 minutes, but it didn’t seem effective at all.

A staff member with a microphone first asked if anyone could identify the man.  No one claimed to know him.  Then, we were ordered to stay at the venue but gather in the plaza, so as to give room to the emergency vehicle that would be arriving and taking the body away.  We waited for another 30 minutes before being permitted to walk back to our cars.

I could not believe that a man just attempted suicide in front of 2,000 of people like that and succeeded.  I have never witnessed anything like it and feel disturbed, saddened, all the while curious about who this man was and his intentions for taking away his own life in such a public way.  I feel sorry for all who witnessed the event and for whomever he left behind.

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August 20, 2010 at 2:06 am

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