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What I would do to tour with this group (and document it)

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I’ve been reading people’s reactions to seeing Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros perform live in other parts of the world.  Their words sum up my experience watching them at GG Park during Outside Lands yesterday :

“I was enraptured… mesmerized… perhaps even brainwashed into a place where I couldn’t help but smile. I felt like I had just gone to church. Not MY church, of course. This church smelled of BO and Beer not incense and grandma. This church was housed in a paint chipped theatre where the only seating option was the floor. The sweat dripped off of the walls as much as it did your forehead.

Was it another time… another dimension? I SWEAR I was in a retro tent REVIVAL. Was I transported from a space lost in the chasms of time?

Ima Robot’s Alex Ebert heads the cult (excuse me, I meant band) with a charismatic and clever edge. Imagine Charles Manson if he had been a Rock Star instead of a mass murderer. And his band mates continue the tale with smiles the size of grapefruit. Quirkiness is obviously encouraged and reflected in the instrumentation. Guitar, bass, keyboards, a trumpet, an accordion, a ukulele, an upright piano, and a xylophone perched precariously alongside all added to the cacophony. With about a dozen members in the band their presence alone created an instant party.

The experience is almost like watching a movie… characters intermingling on stage and in the audience. They already have a bevy of followers who imitate, with gratitude, their carefully crafted carefree ‘lifestyle’. They perform whirlwind dances, wear a haphazard wardrobe, and create perfectly tangled pony tailed manes.”

“They’re a mixture of the real and not real, of a staged experience and the authentic, they evoke possibilities beyond our own inevitable ones. And for that they point to the world we all crave.”

Fiya Wata



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August 16, 2010 at 11:37 am

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