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More lessons on How to Deal with Shit that Happens.

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It’s 1:43am.  I could go to sleep.  But, I’m still livid.

Just got back from another student’s shoot tonight.  Before crew call, the kid who was supposed to DP for my shoot tells me he double booked and can’t make it on Sunday.  Would have been convenient to find out, hmm, perhaps a week ago?  At least give me sufficient time to find someone to replace you?  And he doesn’t even have the courtesy to communicate any of this until two days before the shoot?  That’s what I call unprofessional.  Period.  But, hey, his loss.  No bad blood.  He may have let me down, but what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger right?

Luckily, my friend Mark agreed to step in and help me out; and to be honest, I am more relieved than I have been over the last few weeks.  As opposed to someone who hasn’t been communicative or contributive at all over the last few weeks, at least Mark understands how important to me this project is.  There is one thing I really cannot tolerate, and that’s people whom I can’t rely on.  I understand that this industry breeds people who are late, who do not respond, who forget, but come on – if you’re a grown adult, you don’t have an excuse.  That’s what I get for asking to work with a 19 year-old.  Lesson learned.

*Also, if you’re going to be letting people down who are counting on you or waiting to hear back from you, don’t tweet every hour about what you’re NOT doing. I don’t want to know that you aren’t picking up your phone, replying to an email, responding to a text, all because you are drooling over a well-made music video.  Thank you.

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August 7, 2010 at 2:34 am

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