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Just got back from Trader Joe’s, love that place.  During checkout, I thought, maybe I should ask if I can get the purchases donated for the shoot. Everything I’m buying is to feed the crew…including the Patron Silver we’ll be rewarding ourselves with at the end of the day.

A few staff members recommended that I submit a formal letter to the donations manager with the synopsis of my project, BDFI’s Tax ID, and a list of future shoot dates.  Wish I had thought to do that before going in there today.  Still waiting to hear back from La Boulange in Hayes Valley.  Bought some bagels and cream cheese, just in case that doesn’t work out.

So, we lost a few people at the last minute – two production assistants and my still photographer.  With approximately 8-9 people on the current crew, Amie thinks we’re golden.  I just worry about the little things we’ll need for the day to run as smooth as possible.  With our DP missing the pre-production meeting yesterday (even after my flurry of texts, calls, emails), there’s enough to worry about two days before the big day.  Along with that, the day students and night students are all vying for the same limited amount of equipment.  The equipment reservation and approval process put into place seems a little counterintuitive, at times.  There really is no accountability from the students, and no consequences are enforced when someone has taken something they don’t have approval for.  It makes me wonder what the hell I’ll actually end up with come Sunday morning.

Working on three other shoots starting tonight through Saturday night, I hope I’ll have the energy needed to be creative and fresh on the day of my own shoot.

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August 6, 2010 at 11:19 am

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