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Pre-Production Entry #2

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Yesterday before my editing class, I went to Fernando’s Hayes Valley house to shoot some b roll and discuss the details of our main shoot day next month.  He agreed on the date and time I proposed, Aug. 8th from 10am-7pm, and also agreed to allow myself, the DP (Yusef) and Producer (Amie) to hold a pre-production meeting there on the 5th.  During the pre-production meeting, we will do a walk through of the house to talk about a shot list and determine where we’ll want to set up the camera and hold majority of the “storytelling.”  The lighting will be tricky since there are some parts of the house that are very dark and some rooms that get a lot of natural light from the large windows.  I’m hoping since we have a few experienced students on the shoot, we’ll be able to figure out ideal settings for an aesthetically pleasing, yet authentic “look.”

As with most everything in this line of business, initial plans are changed at the last minute.  This is to be expected.  When I was at Fernando’s, he mentioned wanting to bring a special friend into the picture.  After he described their relationship and what it has meant for the both of them, I agreed.  I am a little worried about the amount of time we have to shoot and the extent of content we will be delving into.  Because Fernando is someone who is not shy around a camera, I don’t think we’ll have a problem re: lack of content.  However, when I recorded b roll yesterday, he was noticeably different in his demeanor.  We were talking for about 45 min. about his past when he started tearing up, and I thought, “Shouldn’t I be getting this on camera?”  When I switched on the HVX, he sort of fell into a more charming role.  I was a little disappointed because I wanted him to act more like he would when we talk one-on-one.  But then again, it’s rare when someone can be completely themselves on camera.

What I did learn was that I should have brought a tripod.  After holding the 7-10 lb camera for 40 minutes (1 P2 card records approximately 40 min. of footage, depending on whether you’re using the motor zoom), my arms were sore, and I was starting to waver.  I ran out of storage on the card before getting everything I wanted, but I think it was a productive meeting.  He gave me some news articles and old photos to take home to review what we might include in the movie.  I asked him to choose 3-5 songs that were meaningful to him so we could listen to them and perhaps choose one that might be appropriate for the soundtrack.  To me, sound and music are crucial in a movie .

As for the next steps, I’ll be doing some research on the topic of the piece – living with HIV.  After gathering facts to present in the story, I should start looking into craft services for the shoot day, getting other talent and location releases signed (if we’ll be filming at Project Open Hand and the SF AIDS Foundation), securing all the equipment we’ll need, and creating the call sheet with Amie.  There are numerous things we need to work on before next month, and I cannot say that I am not intimidated by the Final Cut Pro assignment due next Tuesday.  Wanting to feel comfortable with FCP is mainly why I decided to do this program before the Multimedia masters this fall at the AAU.  I find that this has been the most challenging portion of the curriculum so far.

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July 21, 2010 at 9:09 am

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