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Started the BDFI program three weeks ago, and I’m beginning to really enjoy it.  I originally worried about the infancy of the program, lack of accreditation, and majority of its focus on fictional storytelling, but from speaking with a number of its yearlong, day students, I’ve heard nothing short of positive (if not constructive) feedback.  Given, it has taken concerted effort to get past the fluff of film school lingo, I think I’m doing a better job of visualizing the big picture.

The summer series is an intensive night program consisting of three 3-hr classes of Directing/Producing, Cinematography/Editing, and Screenwriting.  I have 7 other classmates, ranging in age, who come from various professions – technology, graphic design, wine, accounting, business, professional acting, and magazine publishing.  It can be compared to the dorms during your freshman year in college when you along with a few handful of people are thrown onto the same floor to live/survive among yourselves.  It’s also like your first few weeks at work (except you don’t feel as coerced to spend this much time with these particular people).  It’s a little awkward at first.  You take turns going around telling the story of where you’re from and why you are here. Each person gets dubbed with a persona, at least in my mind.  You feel each other out.  You roll your eyes when someone says something predictable.  You start to laugh at each other’s jokes.  The people you spend 9 hours of your weeknights with start to become familiar.  I like it.

I’ve missed this.  The classroom.  The collaboration.  Brainstorming.  Constructive feedback.  Creative minds at work.  Tonight’s Cinematography class was actually FUN.  I felt like I was back in high school, working on a video skit with my friends for Greek mythology.  Just being goofy and not letting worries get in the way of actually enjoying ourselves.

The posts over the next few months will be somewhat of a production journal, more focused on the short film project I’ll need to complete before the program ends.  Bear with me.

Written by winniewongsf

July 6, 2010 at 11:45 pm

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