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Stories of Japantown

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At the Festival Forum, I worked Lordy Rodriguez’s booth.  Lordy Rodriguez is a local Filipino artist who presented the CAAM  (Center for Asian American Media – the official sponsor of the SF Asian American Film Festival) with the concept of personal story-boarding at this event.  We spent the afternoon hours encouraging festival goers to sit down for a few minutes and draw a picture or write about a memorable experience they had in Japantown.  Some children drew pictures of the pagoda or cherry blossom trees in the Peace Plaza, a few parents wrote about their first bowls of homemade soba, several individuals spent more time and created personal emblems with Chinese and Japanese characters.

I met a few amateur and professional filmmakers and producers from the Bay area and LA.  It was a great place to network, although it was hard to get more than a few minutes in of chatting and exchanging contact info before I had to pull away and work the booth.  Although there was a decent amount of press and publicity promoting the event these last two weeks, I was surprised by the low turnout.  It was an outdoor event, it was a gorgeous day, but I did have to remind myself that today was the St. Patrick’s Day parade near the Civic Center, and people were busy getting day-hammered.  Fair enough.

Looking forward to seeing some of the films screening later this week.  A few that are noteworthy – The Mountain Thief, City of Life and Death, The People I’ve Slept With, The Housemaid, Manilatown is in the Heart, Fog, Lessons of the Blood, Wo Ai Ni Mommy, Tehran without Permission, Prince of Tears…

Again, the festival ends on Sunday, the 21st. 

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