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On Friday night, at my friend Maya’s 27th! (j/k Maya) birthday dinner, I sat across the table from a Salvadoran member of a popular local group, the Bayonics. You may know of Bayonics from the rhythmic shows they play at Yoshi’s (on Fillmore), reggae/funk-filled Sunday brunch outside the (damn it’s a trek) Park Chalet, or familiar slow-jam covers that make you bob your head at Farmer Brown on weekends.  The night was festive, riddled with good wine, champagne, and…cans of cheap beer.  It’s BYOB at Tuba, if you didn’t know.

I tried to use my (65% success rate) powers of persuasion to convince Mr. Salvadoran, his wife, and the really, really good-looking couple sitting to my right (the male being a fellow UCSB grad) to come along to Santa Barbara this weekend for what we call “Pub Golf. ”  What is Pub Golf, you ask?  If I were to tell you, I would have to kill you.  No, really, Pub Golf is likely more complicated than any real existing sport.  The exorbitant number of rules are beyond comprehension (I doubt anyone in the history of SB Pub Golf  has ever followed them to a tee – no pun intended), and this will actually be my first time participating.  I’m a virgin Pub Golfer, oh my.  I do know that the important things to remember are:  wear golf attire, prep talk your liver and treat it well the night prior, make sure you are on a 4-person team, and tie your keys, phone, wallet, dignity to a leash, because you can be sure you will lose them during this event of daylight debauchery.  I will be silently praying before we commence on State St. this Saturday morning.

Now, onto a more refined, artsy subject.  Before going to dinner at Tuba, I made a stop at the Yerba Buena Center for Arts to check out the Global Lives Project, a gallery of video installations that will be available for your viewing pleasure at the YBCA from February 26th through June 20th.  According to YBCA, this exhibit is part of an artist residency that will evolve over the course of four months. The various filmmakers will be showing a series of ten 24-hour videos of daily life from around the planet.  The footage allows you a peek into the daily lives of ten human subjects living in San Francisco (US), Sao Paolo (Brazil), Vojka (Serbia), Hampi (India), Anren (China), Vannovka (Kazakhstan), Tokyo (Japan), Ngwale Village (Malawi), Beirut (Lebanon), and Sarimukti Village (Indonesia).  Now, although the design of the exhibit was ultra modern and reflective of new technologies available, the footage (from what I could tell) was extensive, and the effort and dedication poured into this project was all-encompassing, I did not feel that the event was formulated with a cohesive style in mind.  When I walked into one of the back galleries, I had to double-check the signs and make sure I was still walking through the same exhibit.  Some of the pieces appeared as if they were leftover scraps from the project, thrown into a random room, with no explanation nor in-depth commentary to compliment the visual art.  I was also disappointed that I wasn’t able to tell who the members of the production team were or who represented the actual project.  I think it would have been helpful if these individuals were to have worn some kind of ornament, symbol, tag, etc. to make themselves more recognizable.   Would have been interesting to meet and talk to the filmmakers from various continents.  When I left, I felt like you would feel after eating a lot of fruit in the morning.  Still hungry.  I guess that gives me more reason to go back when there are less people and staff available to offer more detail about the videos.

Written by winniewongsf

March 2, 2010 at 5:15 am

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