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Chasing Pavement

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It’s official. After months of traveling, making excuses about the weather being too cold, and plain putting it off, I went on a run this morning. It was just like I remembered it: me, the ground, crisp San Francisco air, brief familiar scenes I’m witness to whenever I go for a jog…

Stopping only to sip water from rusty fountains along the way, snap a few photos using my G1, and pet the occasional mutt, I felt like I could continue for hours. On a day when you can clearly see the GG Bridge, the ocean is gentle and shimmering, and dog walkers are playing fetch with their collective masses, it’s hard not to feel like one of the luckiest people in the States. We live in such an incredible city. I turn to do a 360 and check off views of green mountains, tiny islands, the Bridge, the identifiable Exploratorium, grassy fields, a sandy beach littered with only a few people enjoying the gorgeous day, and the long dirt trail where runners come to unwind, gather their thoughts, and stretch their muscles. I am fully appreciating San Francisco and the generosity its shown me over the last few years.

These haven’t seen the light of day since sliding down wet muddy hills in Sapa, Vietnam….

It’s just you and the ground…


Written by winniewongsf

February 8, 2010 at 11:03 pm

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