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Walk like Elephant

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Wendy did good. Really good.

We ended up spending the last ten hours tending to individual elephants (Champu and Buchan) at Patara Elephant Farm about 30 min. from Chiang Mai. I cannot say enough positive things about Pat and his wife who run the farm and manage the breeding and health care of the 19 creatures that live there. To learn more about their mission and how they are accomplishing these goals, please please visit:

Not only will you walk away with a new found love and respect for these animals, you get a slice of education on Thai history, economics, and politics, as well as an understanding of why it would be wise to “walk like elephant, eat like elephant, and live like elephant.” (For those who do not want to get their hands dirty, look elsewhere, as you will be inspecting elephant poo as part of the day’s work…)

Was a great experience, and I’m grateful Wendy found a responsible organization that wants to do the right thing.

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November 27, 2009 at 11:13 am

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